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Product Certification and Customs Clearance

For importers and exporters.

Customs clearance is a series of absolutely necessary and mandatory procedures and formalities arising in connection with movement of goods and vehicles across the customs border, including, but not limited to, product certification, currency control and control over the correctness of customs value determination, payment of compulsory customs duties and fees, as well as release of Goods for free circulation.

Type of services:

  • Customs clearance of goods transported in the mode of import, export and transit;
  • Obtaining permits of the National Security Committee and state acts;
  • Arrangement of registration of certificates of conformity;
  • Preparation of a document package, including electronic ones, necessary for proper customs procedures;
  • Calculation of customs payments, taxes and fees, as well as payment thereof on behalf of a Client;
  • TIR Carnet closing;
  • Other procedures related to customs clearance and payments
  • What are the advantages of working with Skyline Group LLP?
  • Customs commodity codes are properly determined for you;
  • A document package for customs clearance is fully collected and drawn up
  • Customs procedures are quick and timely
  • Your time, labour costs and finances are saved;
  • Post-customs control safety is provided.



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