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+7(495) 266 65 61



Sarah Sabdenbekova
Logistic Department Head

+7 (495) 266 65 61

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For those wishing to control the safety of cargo and vehicles during loading, unloading, transshipment, consolidation and acceptance.

Surveyor is an expert who inspects ships, vehicles and cargoes, establishes the fact, extent and nature of damage, determines the quality and quantity of goods, their compliance with contractual or transportation conditions, issues a written certificate on the above, and whose conclusion when resolving the disputes is decisive.

Type of services:

  • Inspection of vehicles;
  • Inspection of cargoes;
  • Participation in the acceptance of goods by quantity and quality;
  • Issuance of certificates and conclusions.


  • A reliable evidence of the actions of persons involved in cargo delivery.



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