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Logistic Outsourcing

For those who are ready to reduce current expenses related to management of the Goods flows in effect.

Logistic outsourcing is transfer by one enterprise, owner of the Goods to the other enterprise, transportation and shipping company, of the powers and functions of the fair delivery / supply of the Goods and fulfilment of all related operations and services connected with preparation of the Goods to transportation, with transportation, customs clearance, acceptance, warehousing, due drawing up of all permitting, shipping and other documents.


Two options of costs reduction:

  1. outsourcing of the known and stable goods supplies in effect to reduce the budget of maintenance of the own transport-logistics infrastructure;
  2. outsourcing of the functions of small and medium-sized enterprises transport logistics department in case of lack of stable and regular import-export goods flows to reduce the expenses and prime cost of the products


Services Types:

  • full set of transport logistics services, starting from negotiation of price and basic terms of supply/delivery of the Goods from the Seller/Buyer and to transfer of the Goods in quantity and quality to the warehouse of the final Recipient, including receipt of the permits and approvals, transportation, customs clearance and etc. on a turnkey basis


Benefits from such cooperation:

  • You immediately receive the reliable and efficient mechanism of qualitative delivery/supply of your Goods from any place (or to any place) of the world;
  • You reduce all direct and indirect costs and expenses of the Company on delivery/supply of the Goods, customs clearance, certification and warehousing thereof;
  • You save budgeted costs and expenses;
  • You shift material responsibility for your cargo from your employees to financially sound Company;
  • Your reduce prime cost of your Goods;

You increase your operating surplus and make your shareholders happy



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