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Sarah Sabdenbekova
Logistic Department Head

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Oversized Cargo Delivery

For those who need delivery of large, over-sized, heavy-weight and non-standard cargo to the Republic of Kazakhstan


Delivery of heavy-weight and over-sized cargo - is cargo transportation complicated by a number of admissions and restrictions related to certain rules of cargo transportation by appropriate type of transport, import/export procedure, route, procedure and rules of loading and unloading operations at the places of loading, unloading and transhipment, rules of cargo placement on board of the vehicle and other procedures requiring receipt and drawing up of the additional quantity of the permits and approvals and compliance with the individual modes and time of transportation and special attention and control of each component of transportation.  

Services Types:

  • choice of the type of transportation and vehicles on the whole way;
  • development of the route and schedule of transportation;
  • receipt of the corresponding special permits and approvals;
  • development of the patterns of cargo location and securing on the board of the vehicle;
  • receipt of the permits and approvals of all authorized bodies and institutions of the countries on the route;
  • selection of the appliances providing for performance of the operations and services associated with cargo delivery;
  • control of loading and unloading operations at the places of shipment, unloading and transhipment;
  • drawing up of transport, customs* or other supporting documents, drawing up of customs transit;
  • insurance;
  • customs support;
  • transportation and control of transportation quality;
  • provision of crossing the borders of the states on the route;
  • control of cargo issue in quality and quantity;

other services according to the tasks specified in the list of the additional services


Advantages of Skyline Group LLP choice:

  • availability of experienced specialists in transportation of over-sized cargo;
  • availability of reliable agents in Europe, China, SEA region and in the Middle East;
  • quick calculation of delivery price;
  • duly weighted price of offer.



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