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Road transportation

For those who need targeting and mobility.

Road cargo transportation with full or partial load as well as any service related to transportation or organization of transportation, loading and unloading operations, drawing up of permitting and shipping documents, provision of border crossing and much more.




(Shanghai - Moscow)


(Warsaw - Moscow)


(Moscow - Almaty)

1 pallet from  USD 800 

1 pallet from EUR 370

1 pallet from  USD 150

10 tons from  USD 5850 

10 tons from EUR 1640 

10 tons from  USD 1350

20 tons from  USD 14000 (full truck*)

20 tons from EUR 1750 (full truck*)

20 tons from  USD 1950 (full truck*)

20-29 days delivery term

10-14 days delivery term

8-10 days delivery term

22-25 days delivery term (20 tons*)

10-14 days delivery term (20 tons*)

5-7 days delivery term (20 tons*)

Rates for transportation from other cities may be provided at the request.


Types of the Operations and Services Provided:

  • choice of the carrier and preparation of the vehicle;
  • receipt of required permits for export, import and transit;
  • formation of shipments, weight control and cargo location on board;
  • warehouse operations: stocking, transhipment, reloading and etc.
  • control of cargo location in the vehicle and securing thereof;
  • control of packages on the whole way;
  • control of loading/unloading;
  • drawing up of the transport and accompanying documents;
  • provision and control of borders crossing and transit;
  • keeping track of transportation quality and delivery time compliance;

Others, according to the Request, or from the list of the additional services.

Advantages of Road Transportation:

  • cargo delivery directly “from door”, cargo is delivered immediately and strictly to your warehouse or specified place;
  • proper safety of cargo, cargo is always under the control of a driver;
  • timeliness, the vehicle will arrive when it will be convenient for you;
  • reduction of time, costs and expenses



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