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+7(495) 266 65 61


Skyline Group LLP is a freight-forwarding company

About the Company

Skyline Group LLP is a freight-forwarding company specializing in combined cargo transportations - we are able to combine several types of transport (road, air, railway, sea) into one logistic chain that makes it possible for us to deliver your cargo from any place of the world to where you need and we have been engaging in this business since 2013.


The core business of the Company is international transportations.   Currently geography of our regular cargo transportations includes such directions as: China, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, India, UAE, Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria, Kenya, USA, Canada, Bolivia, Spain, Italy, Czechia, Bulgaria, France, Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kirghizia. 


We have developed partner network with hubs in New-York, Frankfurt, Vilnius, Belostok, Moscow, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Tokyo, Quingdao, Dubai and Istanbul.


The goal of our Company is to provide a full range of the services of safe cargo transportation as well as rendering of high level service in terms of flexible financial policy for long-term cooperation with our partners and clients.


The principle of the Company’s operation is satisfaction of our customers with quality of the services provided to them and long-term cooperation with them. Our team is comprised of the specialists who are fond of their job, fluent in Chinese and English, adhering to the principles of time management in work with the customers and supporting their transportations around the clock, if required.


Evgeniy Matokhin
Evgeniy Matokhin

General manager

​Andrey Chekmezov
​Andrey Chekmezov

Executive Director

Sarah Sabdenbekova
Sarah Sabdenbekova

Logistic Department Head

Anastassiya Kalinnikova
Anastassiya Kalinnikova

Senior Specialist


Skyline Group LLP is a reliable and promising employer.
We are actively developing and growing.

We have great potential, and we invite ambitious people to join our team and achieve all the goals together. We want the company to have talented specialists who will make it even stronger.
We welcome those who are not indifferent and strive for self-improvement.
If you know how and are willing to work, then you are one of us!

We are the strong team of the professionals in love with our job aiming at development and growth and we are glad to invite you to join us and become a part of our team!


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